Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Serinda Swan

I have recently come across a few different article regarding the new feature Tron Legacy coming out in Dec 2010. I have seen in several of the online press releases a name "Serinda Swan." So I think to myself who is that and why would they give someone I have no clue is billing in a movie. So I did a little research. I found several interesting things. One, is that after checking with a buddy of mine at Disney that she is not even in the film. She was none other than a "featured extra" cast out of Canada for tax purposes. So I figured this was the typical online model types chance to try to run and get her 15 minutes. I decided to investigate a bit more. I also saw she had a credit in Percy Jackson. I remember thinking to myself..... Wait? I saw that, I never saw this girl though. So I rented the movie and saw at the very end what I believe the top of her head is shown for a milasecond. This girl was eager enough to get herself a spread in Maxim magazine as if she was actually in the movie which I also found online. I find this actually kind of hilarious. I wonder if Maxim had a clue? Further more in my investigation I read somewhere that she is a model for the Guess clothing line. Again, I think to myself, I know the owners of Guess and I've never seen this girl in any advertisement. Further into my investigation I find this girl had entered an online contest and won for Guess. Which she then too went to the message boards and claimed she was an actual model for the company. So I think to myself, is this brilliant? or the dumbest thing on the planet? I decided on the latter. I will love to see the face of Serinda Swan when Tron Legacy opens and she is nowhere to be found. I think if the old saying from "I love Lucy," "LUCY! you've got some explaining to do!" Disney as well as the other actual stars of the movie are not pleased either. In todays day an age, are we really that hungry to spend countless hours online to try to fabricate everything? Or is there something to be said for having talent, rather than a bulging set of fake breasts like Ms. Swan. Are there really actors anymore or a bunch of failed bikini models with fake online personas trying to fool the 13 year old boy consumer? Through deeper google searches I find a few comparisons to Megan Fox on random unknown blogs. Again, I'm thinking, this girl is pretty but really looks nothing like Megan Fox other than has dark hair, she looks more like Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. Then I search further and figure it out! AHAAA! I have figured you out Serinda Swan! This girl, like all "actresses" become obsessed with being or looking like a famous actress. So naturally she went on every message board and compared herself to Megan Fox. Funny? kinda of... pathetic? Completely. The more I discovered this poor girl reminds me more of an after school special than an actress. The actual reality of Serinda Swan in conclusion to my research is that she was a bikini model for Absolute Poker and appeared in two episodes of the dying television series Smallville. Not to mention her little love affair with football player Terrell Ownes, where pictures from various events of the two together were found. A far cry from the resume she pretends to have via the internet. The fate of this wannabe actress will probably be much of the masses in Hollywood. Breasts that get you in a few doors with a false resume, but that's as far as it gets you. I give you an "E" for Effort Ms. Swan and an "H" for hoax. You too can be "semi famous" via the internet. Just spend hours a day googling and posting on yourself. Eventually it will be reposted a 100 times by random blogs and you can have a huge self esteem while you are playing on facebook late at night.